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You don’t need me to tell you that Indoor cycling has long been characterized by high-intensity interval workouts. They are great for creating the essential overload to your training stimulus in a shorter period of time. They can also keep your mindset focused with high levels of commitment as you strive for each finish point. They are also considerably safer in your pain cave that then open roads during the winter months.

However, you knew that was coming. It is important that you make sure you are structuring your workouts careful and not just filling time with hard efforts as they fall nicely into the short periods of time you have.

In the latest episode of the Kinetic Cycle Coach Podcast I go through 15 key areas that I have seen riders fall into mistakes with their winter indoor training sessions.

The focus of your indoor training should obviously be planned around your goals. Look ahead from the weekend at the weather versus your potential time windows for training. If it’s 50/50 to whether you will get outside, then always plan for inside. Check out point #1 in the video podcast where I go through W.A.T.T (wrap around training time)

Remember that over that last 30 years I have heard lots of riders say that they get bored indoors and as such they ride harder! Just think about that for a minute! If you are bored with moderate intensity, then think about what you are trying and achieve. You are bullying yourself! I discuss this in the podcast.

I’ll be back next week with more interval chat.

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Want to find out if your local club is any different to this one. I am sure you can sport yourself amongst these riders (just for fun obviously) Check it out Here

Want more help with intervals?

Then I have something amazing for you. I have created an easy to follow 8-week plan that will take you through a range of aerobic workouts as well as some incredible strength developing ‘torque’ workouts that will develop your muscular strength as well as boosting your aerobic engine.

Kinetic 8 Week Aerobic and Muscular Strength Plan

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