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Weight Control Tip: Eat four to five smaller meals per day. 

From professional bodybuilders to Olympic athletes.

It’s helped me get in the leanest shape of my life (single digits in body fat) without a whole lot of effort and I am nearly 49!


You eat four to five smaller meals per day. 

That’s it! 

It’s not rocket science. It’s not a secret and it works like crazy. Let me tell you WHY it works. 

When you’re eating 4-5 small meals per day you don’t get over hungry which means you don’t overeat at meal times. 

When I work with athletes we create plans based on our ability to process 1g of carbohydrate (CHO) per min. We need this for immediate energy when training or racing. An ‘average’ banana has around 25g of CHO. So think now of your meals and how you are going to burn that CHO. Remember all stored fat is just sugar you never used for fuel. 

When you eat 4-5 small meals you don’t snack between meals (so it cuts out the junk). 

And eating 4-5 meals raises your metabolism which means you burn more calories during the day. 

But don’t take it from me. 

Take it from the bodybuilders, fitness models and professional fighters watching their weights in the build-up to a competition or a fight… 

This works! 

Eating 4-5 meals per day helps you manage your appetite better and lose weight. 

There is of course a deeper science where our body is in what we term catabolic and anabolic phases. Many folks don’t know that is you reduce their calorie intakes below certain levels their body goes into a form of shock! This means that they use muscle tissue for fuel and actually store fat! Yep, eating less helps you store fat! 

Now for the whingers, whiners and complainers who ‘don’t have the time’. 

Weight loss obviously isn’t important enough to you. 


This just a case of priority. If something is important to you – you’ll make time. 

You’ll get up earlier, you’ll sacrifice your crap TV or just make the time. 


If you’re serious, doing this will stack the odds in your favour. 

It is well worth the effort! 

Me, I do this… 

I make my lunch the night before or in the morning. 

Sometimes my lunch is a portion of the previous night’s dinner. 

Then I divide my lunch into two portions. 

Now I have breakfast at around 7am, then I eat lunch 1 at around 10am and lunch 2 at around 1pm. I then eat my evening meal at around 6pm and eat a smaller meal again at around 8pm. On heavier training days I actually eat one or two extra small meals spread out in the day based around the time I am training. 

Smaller meals work for me due to my chronic ulcerative colitis but they work for all. Go back to my simple equation about how much CHO you can process at any one time!

Eating four to five small meals per day will keep your metabolism higher and your hunger pangs at bay. 

It’s not that hard. 

It is (however) a discipline thing. 

And it takes a little preparation. But it’s well worth it. 

I have clients who actually cook all of her meals on a Sunday and freezes them. 



They are organised, prepared and serious about losing weight.

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