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Unleash The Potential Hidden In Your Mental Attic Space

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What is in your ATTIC SPACE?

I have my Christmas decorations in mine! Along with some boxes that are still sealed from our house move, 4 years ago!

What has this got to do with my fitness coach?..........

‘Attic Space’ is a concept I use to refer to the physical and emotional potential area that is untapped. Physically we reach our threshold at approximately 85% of our true capacity. We may often feel like there is ‘nothing left in tank’ BUT there is always more….. Think about the greatest feats of physical and emotional survival, suffering, resilience….. Most are not in the sporting world. Why is that?

The ‘Attic Space’ is dark and somewhere we don’t often want to go. HOWEVER, when we do, it can unleash huge reward. Even just accessing 5% of it can move your forward to levels that you never thought possible.

Think about yourself for a minute?

Are you falling into a routine that gives you what you WANT and not what you NEED? You choose to do workouts you enjoy; you ride in a group that does not push you, you tell yourself that you want to just ‘enjoy’ your cycling. You have basically created a personal safety blanket around uninspiring goals that frustrate you BUT you do not know how to break out of the routine. You have bolted your ATTIC SPACE shut and are not even reaching your ceiling height!

How do I change things coach? I want to open my ATTIC SPACE, I want that 5%, even 1% will do for starters.

Task 1: Start by looking at what STOPS you progressing? Is it your commitment levels, your use of time, your focus, goals, attention span when on the indoor training, unaware of how hard you should go, your nutrition…….. or do you blame your age, job, young family…… the list goes on. EVERYONE has struggles. You need to start embracing the struggle and stop being a prisoner to it. Others in worse situations have done it, so if you want it then you can do it! So start by identifying what ultimately leads to you stopping your fitness journey! Can you prepare for that point and create strategies to combat it?

Task 2: Join Team Kinetic and get the tools to open the ATTIC SPACE and unleash your superpowers. Change your level of accountability and change your outcomes!

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