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The Habit Language Trap

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On my last post I talked about habits and I asked you to make a list. If you have completed your list of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ then you are probably looking at the key contributor to why your nutrition is not helping you achieve your goals.

You are probably thinking that you need to remove those ‘bad’ habits and grow on the ‘good’ ones. Well, that is only partly true. This might surprise you now. There are no such things as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ habits. It’s more about the control and moderation of these habits.

If you look at your list of ‘bad’ things they will be littered with foods you enjoy. You might even have included times of the day that you perceive to be bad. They are tasty and nice. Not everyone will view them as nice and that’s the thing! We usually see things that are nice as bad. We feel that we need to deprive ourselves in order to make progress. How ridiculous is that! We need to get your mindset laser-directed towards your goals and creating a nutritional journey that is life-long will serve you better than some list of the do's and don’ts!

If I said eat chocolate (ideally dark) after training to assist antioxidant levels and help you replace calories and attack inflammation. Then you would gulp it down.

Drink wine to cause vasodilation of your blood vessels. This will help blood flow to those aching muscles and help relax the nervous system.

Eat crisps to replace the sodium lost in your sweat. This will help your recovery process and assist muscle contractions and prevent things like cramp.

Interesting, eh.

But we have a built-in default system to punish ourselves! The slimming media has made you think these foods and drinks are all bad!

Of course, everything is in moderation. If I told you to do 10 x VO2 max intervals every day you would blow up!!! If not, you would probably want to shoot me!

I want you to start thinking about decisions and choices with nutrition. All these impact on your goals and they impact on the people who you love and care for! So, start thinking beyond yourself. Discuss your nutritional goals with the people closest to you. If you are already part of a Kinetic 365 plan, then this is a member of your core team. Don’t take the….’Oh you are daft, you look lovely the way you are….’ Explain to them why you want to make changes. These are fitness. Wellbeing, health, confidence.

Of course, there are macronutrients that will fill you up more, like proteins. We know starchy carbs are better than simple sugars and fats fall into different families. However, food is fuel and enjoyment!

It boils down to what calories go in must come out.

This equation is used by the slimming world and many like them! However, the body is cleverer than these people and their diets!

The key for these companies is FAST results. That’s why they succeed. You make the easy gains with calorific deficits.

However, for most this is torture and very unhealthy.

Firstly, your body requires a minimal number of calories per day to carry out basic metabolic functions. Namely, keep your internal organs and systems fully functional.

The brain bosses this and when it detects a problem, it likes to trick you! It will store fat, due to high calorific volume (as it will need it to fuel you) and use proteins for more immediate fuel. Crazy eh! The very nutrient you need to build that muscle strength is fuelling you and very thing you want to burn is being protected!

Ok, let’s get to the point!

Losing weight and moving towards your goals is about day to day decisions. Those choices you make must be linked to your goals. Just because you eat chocolate doesn’t make you a bad person. You just align it with your other choices during the day.

I like folks eating smaller but more meals each day. By grazing during the day, we keep the system working. We keep our body ideally fuelled! We focus on calorie input and output and suddenly we can make huge gains. But they must be over time!

So, today I want you to stop thinking ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and make sure you enjoy your food. Meals with high nutritional value are obviously going to come from the earth, trees, sea or roaming around fields. They don’t come from packets or delivery vans. So, it’s about moderation and smart choices!

So, get started with your clear mindset that all foods are ok.

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