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Motivation Missing? Here Are Some Tips To Get Yourself Back On Track

If your fitness is moving forward, weight is dropping, and you are managing your time better with structure to your training and recovery.

Great. Keep smashing it.

If the the answer is something else...

"Ah Coach, I have the good intentions but the weather, lockdown issues, HOME schooling and I have so many chocolates still left over from Xmas to get through……..and my commitment levels….are not where they need to be. So, coach, what do you suggest?"

Well quite simply put….GET YOUR FINGER OUT AND GET MOVING!

Sometimes we can over complicate things and make more excuses than a politician when it comes to answering questions. Of course, there are hurdles in the way. Remember, the greatest rewards come from the most difficult journeys. However, I am here to help you.

First: Reset your indoor training set up! Even simple changes can have a big impact. Even by just changing the position of your bike or redesigning the position of your equipment can offer a subtle but effective mindset boost. Back it up with new music playlists that last the length of your workouts. Add this into your planning so that you don’t waste time when it comes to the delivery of the session! Want More? Join the LIVE coach chat on Monday 11th and hear Coach Scott’s tips for FTP building and how to boost your training mindset. How to boost FTP with short intervals and BOOST Mindset for Lockdown 3.0 Second: Re-structure when you deliver your key session. This is a session that pushes you harder than normal. It must elevate your intensity beyond the limits that your body presently has in order to create an effective overload and thus a stronger regeneration adaptation period. Want More? Start by joining in the Tuesday sessions that are delivered by Coach Scott via YouTube. These are 60 min short interval-based FTP boosters during Jan and Feb. Get the link for the next session below (just subscribe to the Kinetic Cycle Coaching YouTube channel and hit notifications and you will get instant access to all sessions LIVE (and on catch up) LIVE Tuesday Training with Coach Scott: FTP Vaccine Builder #3

And Then:

Use your indoor sessions to improve your pedalling skill level and promote long term gains in fitness. Many riders climb on their bike and spin as hard as they can. Great, but if we can take time to increase the mechanical efficiency via pedalling and bike handling then we decrease the energy required to move us forward AT A FASTER SPEED. Check out this video where Coach Scott outlines 5 pedal drills that you can include in your weekly training without finding extra time to train. Improve Your Cadence with 5 Easy to Follow Drills and Gain FREE SPEED

If you want more info then make sure you join the Kinetic LIVE Video Coach Chat every Monday at 19.00 GMT on the Kinetic YouTube Channel.

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