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Failure is a strength but Losing is a Weakness!

Now that you have an understanding of your training mindset you now need to understand that no matter how well it is planned, shared and optimised you need to understand that sometimes s*** will happen! Yep, there are weeks where work will be crazy, you may get sick, the family may get sick. Life just takes over. These are important phases of your training as they will happen. You need to prioritise and make sure you balance those pillars that hold up everything.

Often, I hear athletes use phrases like, ‘I failed this week because I missed a training session…’ This is NOT failure. This is smart decision making. Your focus is your KEY session and in your planning time you should have already created a back up slot for that session so all you need to aim for is completing that session. Obviously, if you are sick then that is a different matter. At Kinetic, athletes get an understanding of emotional states and what are the common traits in successful people.  Try this task to get an idea. Where in your day or week is your levels of perseverance high. Think about all aspects of your life. Is it a lot higher in some areas? Can you answer why this is? Have a go. Spend 10-20 mins and make some notes. Many folks often come back to me and say that their work gets their highest levels of perseverance because if it didn't then they might get sacked! ......really, is that the case...or is there a deeper reason. Anyway, have a go and see what results you get. You may be surprised at where you are prioritising your energy.

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