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Doing strenuous chores on hard training days

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

While sitting around doing nothing isn’t a great option, neither is a huge landscaping project. Now I am not insisting that you get out of everything, but you need to plan ahead. I am passionate about your training, but it is vital for long term progress that you balance all areas of life and invest the correct time at the correct moments. So, no hiding behind the term, ‘the coach said I can’t do chores on training days!’

Light activity is good for recovery, but strenuous activity in the hours after training hinders sport-specific recovery. If you go out for a hard ride or run in the morning, keep your afternoon activities light.

Think about your own situation and plan to maximise time while still getting life’s tasks done.

This is a difficult balancing act and needs careful planning. You’ll start to develop better communication skills and begin to see where there is more time available to you.

It’s easy with a plan so get focused and make sure you fully maximise the hard work from your workouts into real gains in fitness both in the short and long term.

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