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Do you love yourself enough to progress in your training?

This may sound like a strange headline but it is very important.  I often see motivated and highly intelligent  people destroy their training with poor nutritional habits.  The best cardiovascular engine in the world won't help you if you overheat, fall short on calories, run out of fluids, or suffer from gastric distress.

What, when, and volume of what you eat and drink can all be trained so you can supply your body with the fuel and fluid it needs.

Your system is unique to you and needs to be trained with a bespoke approach. Understanding what works for you is vital. How you fuel pre, during and especially post during your training can make the difference between an average training block and an outstanding one.

Poor nutrition is one of the biggest factors connected to limited training progress and a key driver to dips in motivation!

All of us have varying levels of oxidative stress in our system at all times. Juggling the stresses of life does enough harm to our system but with poor hydration and nutrition on top of these already high levels of inflammation in the body from training leads to troubled waters ahead for many.  I often see people's very own high motivation for training being the thing that is causing them problems - BECAUSE their hydration and nutrition is so poor!  So do you LOVE yourself enough to train? I say this to all as many athletes are destroying themselves. Yep, actually causing harm because they are mixing hard training with poor lifestyle choices.  At Kinetic we use various metrics to measure fatigue including HRV and the use of oximeters to name a few..  Here is an easy starting point for you. Create a list of 3 habits that are promoting good health and well-being and do the same for habits that YOU perceive as not promoting good health.  Set yourself small goals of increasing the good habits. DO NOT FOCUS on the poor habits. DO NOT start thinking you are a bad person or feeling sorry for yourself if you feel the need to dip into these habits. Inside Kinetic coaching I explain fully why this helps your long term journey. Just focus on increasing time spent following the 3 good habits. You'll be amazed at the gains you can make! Click here to find out what others are saying about Kinetic 365 Coaching .  Wanting more info then why not get in touch? kinetic365coaching@gmail.com

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