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Do you ever question why we need petrol or diesel for our cars?

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I should add electric cars to that statement but the point is about fuelling. We can be very brutal and look at nutrition as nothing more than fuel. It’s essential to keep us functioning every day. However, we know there is way more than just this simplistic relationship.

Food is at the centre of many of so many memorable times. Christmas, birthdays, weddings, parties, first dates…. I could go on.

However, my link to what we fuel cars with is important. We follow strict guidelines and know that is we don’t follow them then we are in trouble. A car just doesn’t have a bad day. It doesn’t feel tired, less motivated, low in energy etc IT BREAKS DOWN AND WARNING LIGHTS START FLASHING. If you have ever put the wrong fuel in or ran out of fuel then you’ll know what I mean.

However, our body has incredible resilience and can absorb lesser quality fuel. It can function with too little or too much fuel. However, it does try and warn us! It’s got its warning lights but we are great at ignoring them! Tiredness, lethargy, weight gain etc are easy to detect indicators that there is a fuelling issue. But nearly all folks with fuelling issues just ignore them OR they fall into a ‘trapped’ system – usually defined as a diet!!!!!

So today's task is about your fuelling. I have already told that all your foods are ok. It’s just about moderation. Now I want you to start to respect your body more. I want you to start looking after yourself more. Just because something tastes lovely doesn’t mean that you have to eat it every day if you know that it’s the wrong fuel for you. Start to learn about about your foods. What offers the key vitamins and minerals. What offers the correct level of energy for you at various times on the day. Just start to pay attention to what your food offers you and start to love yourself and love your food.

Have a great day finding new information about your favourite foods. Just keep thinking about diesel in a petrol engine!!! We must never be in that situation.

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