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Are You Developing Your Cardiovascular Engine?

Oxygen is currency in the world of fitness. It is more valuable than any piece of new bling you buy. Its availability in your system is fundamental to your progress.

The more oxygen you can take in, deliver, and process in working muscles, the better. The workouts necessary for this are not complicated but are very rarely carried out correctly. However, when you realise their worth you will hold the key to your success.

Buzzwords and gimmicks come and go with regards to training; sound training principles will never let you down.  So building your CV system is year round - not just a BASE or WINTER training period. Doing it correctly at various times in the year is crucial.  Progressing it is essential! So why so many riders find themselves at the same point with fitness each year? The answer is they get their basic aerobic conditioning wrong!

I use many focal points and feedback metrics to ensure that riders are always aware of their cardiovascular engine. At various times in the year the training methods can alternate but they hit this essential principle.

Try This Singing while spinning. You don’t have to bash out your favourite tune but even singing in your head or humming will keep your breathing in check. When you train beyond your ventilatory threshold (VT) you start to pace extra stress on your nervous system. You have moved your training from building efficiency with oxygen to producing slightly more inflammation without making real fitness gains. In effect, you are burning rubber and wasting fuel. This is very simplistic but it’s a common problem as a lot of riders get obsessed by average speed and uploading rides to apps like Strava. It’s killing their progress!

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