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Apply Sports Psychology Testing on Yourself!

Sports psychology has played a vital role in my coaching since the early 90's. I have been involved in research and carried out studies and my fascination with the differing mindsets is at the core of what I do with Kinetic athletes.  You will know what makes your tick, what sessions you enjoy and what ones you dread. However, have you ever analysed why you enjoy certain sessions or dread some. It's NOT just because some are easy or hard! I assure you of that. Have you ever tried to drill down what keeps you motivated or why your drive to train hard suddenly disappears? There is a huge array of variables involved but a better knowledge of these factors can really drive up your results.  Do this simple task to start with. Complete a standard personality test and get an insight into yourself. Click here and complete the 16 Type Personality Test 

  • Use your personality type to compare with celebrities. See what traits you share with the famous.

  • Read your strengths and match to real life experiences

  • Then work out what traits may be working against you with regards to training.

This process ca be fun but also tell you lots about yourself. Knowledge is vital. Can you use it to improve?

All Kinetic athletes have their training build and progressed to match key traits in their personality! Just one aspect that makes it personal. 

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